how to start a blog in 2021

The first question comes to mind : have you always wanted to start a blog ?

As if you are the writer , and you like writing the content that means you have perfect sense , you know that with the help of the market.

your work or you can also find new freelance clients . and also with the help of blogging you can experiment with your own writing style or skills. 


If you want to really starting the blog I will help you with the help of this article , before this let we discuss, starting your blog some question comes into the mind what was that question , so 

  1. Why not start a blog ?
  2. Why not become a blogger ?
  3. Where to start ?
  4. When should be start ?
  5. How do we register for the domain name ?
  6. What is hosting ?
  7. Which blogging platform should we use ?
  8. How do we choose the perfect theme ?
  9. What is a plugin ?

At last what should be written about ?

As I told you in the beginning, if you are interested or like to write the content then, creating this blog is the one of the best decisions . After all this with the help of blogging you also get the idea that how to earn money and also more important thing is how to add value for the visitors or we say that other people live . 

And  if you are thinking that you don’t know a single thing in blogging, just start writing down the blog and express your feelings .  

The good news comes that , if you want to start a blog, it is much easier than you think . 

As you know all, that there are many of the biggest youtuber and also the bloggers that are telling the full information about the blogging . how to start the blog , and with the help of my content you will easily learn how to start a blog ?

 The question: do you want to start a wordpress blog the right way ? as we all know that starting a blog can be terrifying especially when you are not geeky.

As you are not alone me and my communities helped over the so many other user to create the blog and start the blog without the any technical knowledge 

Great let’s move on .

See starting the new blog or we say the first time is an amazing and yet intimidating experience .

When we think in positive manner that people are actually going to be read and also if the user like you content that he/she also share your content and if we think in the negative manner so sometimes people don’t like you content then you content will be unlike 

So starting a blog is good but you will have to do hard work for the success in the blogger field and also there are a lot of pitfalls along the way . if you are especially if it’s your first time .   


See I will tell you the proper guidelines of blogging that , or we say the motive of starting the blog . { note : if you have the clear motive you can skip this topic also }  

  1. As you know all that , blogging becomes the most popular way of communication and also spreads the information and also the news . so don’t worry , you can make yours stand out and also get noticed !
  1. The second point is that blogging helps you to express yourself to the people and also provides useful information to the user or other people .
  1. If you start writing a blog post you get the experience of writing and your skill in writing was improved.
  1.  at last the common main reason is to make money online for doing it !

Moreover ,

  1. TO BECOME A BETTER WRITER =  As you know all that , writing is also called as communication . Writing is all about expressing your thoughts on the paper and also compelling others to agree with them also . The only way to improve your writing is only practice . as blogging never force you to be become the better writer , while writing the blog post it just happen as you do it and becoming the better writer holds and you know that there is huge amount of the benefits some of them are for creating the book , presentation , resume , card and also many other and also listen that the writing the blog posts is not only the way to improve your writing skills it is a wonderful chance to improve everything you write.
  1. CONNECT WITH NEW PEOPLE =with the help of the email , comments on the blog posts or the social media you may be surprised at how quickly you meet with the people online . so as blogs make relationships for so many other new people . 
  1. YOU GET THE CONFIDENT =while doing continued work in the blog , the blogging will help you to discover more and more confidence in your life . and you also realize that you do live the important life with the unique view and also have something to offer other so with the help of the content we all understand that   writing helps us the better understand the lives we live and also the consequences of the our actions 


Before it I already tell why you should start a blog the few step and the reason that all the reason are based on personal experience 

MONEY . if you are thinking that while starting working for the money purpose only then you should not start a blog for the money . First we need to get the clear way first and if your primary objective is to replace your full time to make the income for or with the help of the blogging then forget it. It doesn’t work in that way . Just love your work, make a clear motive first, learn then earn . 

NOTORIETY :  this is stupid thing that most of the people thing that while creating or starting the blog we get famous in the internet . So let me clear you that not every site grows as fast. Yes, it all happens when the domain name is good, the logo and site structure is good and the content we are providing to that user in a unique way .

TRAFFIC :  as you know all that , the blogger comes for the traffic so not all traffic is good traffic . so don’t worry about getting the thousand of the reader right away . just spend your time producing meaningful creation and also help the user to solve the problem or we say add the value in you blogs post and don’t focus not traffic 




The first step of starting the blog is to choose the domain name . so the domain name refers to the name of the website . So your domain name  is an important part of your blog without the name of the website.

You don’t start the blog because it creates the first impression or we say that it is the name of your blog and also known as the URL. Your domain is also your address on the web for example . our domain name is

So what was the domain name . What do you want to call your blog ? like maybe and also maybe or maybe it is a creative brand name you thought up .

If you have the so much time to thinks about the domain name then try wordoid and also a wonderful naming tool that give you the idea of the related name domain names that available and also just make sure that don’t buy the try domain from them since bluehost will give you the free domain name if you already purchase the domain name then its okay because bluehost will make it easy to transfer your existing domain during the setup process .   


Once you’ve selected a website name, you’ll have to find out hosting for your blog. While WordPress itself is free (see Step 2 below), you would like a reliable place to host your WordPress blog (your blog must get on a server somewhere on the Internet).


WE USE BLUEHOST :  We personally use Bluehost to host The Minimalists. If you recommend a corporation , you better be willing to use their product yourself. We also use them to host several other websites of ours.

OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE :  Bluehost’s customer service is 100% US-based. With hold times that average but 30 seconds and 100% in-house, on-site staff in their Texas offices, you’ll rest assured that the person helping together with your site knows the way to help. In other words, if you’ve got any questions, they’re going to assist you through the whole setup process.

GREAT PRICING : may be a Bluehost affiliate partner, which suggests that additionally to using their service, we also receive a commission for referring new customers. 

To be fair, though, we might still use Bluehost albeit we weren’t an affiliate—we’ve used them for an extended time. Ergo, we don’t recommend Bluehost simply because we’re an affiliate (every hosting company offers an identical affiliate program); we recommend Bluehost because they’re the simplest , most reliable option. Plus, because we’re a partner, Bluehost offers a 50% discount for The Minimalists readers: only $2.75 a month for the primary year.

FREE DOMAIN :  once you check in for hosting, Bluehost will offer you a free name , which allows you to avoid the upfront and recurring fees related to purchasing a website on your own. If you’ve already purchased your own name , don’t worry; you’ll still use your domain with Bluehost (it’s only one extra step).

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:  Bluehost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk if you modify your mind.

RELIABILITY :  Bluehost’s facilities are world class. They need their own custom-built 20,000-square-foot data center with enough backup generators to power a city.


First off before starting a blog , or making the blogger just the first step to make or select the right niche for the blog .

While if you select the niche you will clear what topic you should write about !


  1. Always , make sure that choose that niche or the topic in which you are the most interested in because if you choose that niche where you have 0 % of the interest then after 1 year you left the blogging because you will board to write the content that why pick a niche that you are most and most interested in – the one you are passionate about .
  2. And another most important thing is that the topic and the niche which you are selected having the search volume in the google or not more clear you that that topic and niche have the people interest or not people are searching on that niche or not if not then do not pick up that niche if they have search volume then take it .

 This is the way you will follow your passion and also find out the reader and enjoy your blogging journey once you select the niche or pick up the niche and also check or validate that niche there are 3 steps to confirm your niche.

  1. Check out the niche size that how long this niche work
  2. Another step is to explore the competitors that who is your competitor in that niche how he and she are working  
  3. At last analyze the monetization potential . 

This process will help you to obtain the clear idea of the size , competition and also monetization potential for your proposed niche. 


Now question come how to

 choose the blogging platform you are need to be look at the available blogging platform out the there and also there is so many type of the software that are using by the all the blogger lets discuss :


If we come in the self hosted blog solution there is the best or the best blogging system or we say that called as the content management system or CMS . As you see from the graph and also the most popular is the free and also the open source system .

Self-hosted platforms allow you to line up your blog and run it using your own domain and web hosting. You’re fully responsible for your blog and its contents. it’ll cost just a couple of dollars per month for the webspace (hosting account)

 and around ten dollars per annum for a website . The particular blogging software is free.

If you would like total control of your blog, or decide to run ads, sell products and services via your blog, then this is often the simplest thanks to go.

Hosted blog solutions (e.g. Blogger and Tumblr)

For many new bloggers, it’s tempting to start out a blog using free hosted platforms like or

However, it’s important to know that “free” always comes with limitations. 

First, your blog name is going to be set as a subdomain (examples: or

Second, you type the  rules and also the restrictions. 

Free options are available handy for testing a blogging platform. But, if you’re serious about starting a blog, you’ll need to start paying for full services and a custom name sooner or later.

The Best Blogging Sites and Platforms in 2021


Below are the prices of a 1-year basic hosting plan with a custom name to put in CMS. For hosting services, I will be able to show the Bluehost company’s pricing plans. If you opt to use another service, prices will vary but it shouldn’t be quite $100 per annum .


You have several different choices for blogging platforms, but we like WordPress best. Not only is it totally free, but it’s easy to find out , offers a good sort of themes, and has a web community and abundance of plugins that make blogging accessible to everybody.


While performing on your blog’s appearance, you would possibly want to place up an “under construction” sign to greet visitors.

. (You might imagine you’re going to finish fixing your blog tomorrow, but we all skill writers procrastinate when there are not any looming deadlines!)


The first thing your blog needs may be a face (design and layout). 

Installing a replacement WordPress theme is exciting and fairly straightforward.

The step was Inside in the WordPress dashboard and under this “Appearance” tab, click “Themes”. you’ll be presented with some popular options. you’ll click on the Themes button and look for free themes. There are quite three thousand themes available on

The look and feel of your new blog belie the theme you select . Your first-time readers will notice the general appearance of it before they even take a glance at the content. Select a topic that appears great, but also works for your specific content needs.

Grab Generatepress Premium theme


READ THE OUTLINE – Most themes accompany a brief description of features and functionality. Reading it can assist you to work out if the theme matches your needs.

PREVIEW THE THEME – Preview the theme (demo) to urge a thought of the general look, layout, and the way customizable it’s .

CHECK THE RATING– Star ratings are going to be visible within the preview and under theme details to offer you a transparent idea of how good the theme is.

If you can’t find a topic that you simply absolutely love, don’t worry. choose one that you simply like, and you’ll always change it within the future.

Once you put in a topic , don’t be surprised if it still doesn’t look quite right. It’s just a skeleton of a blog. To make it appealing, you’ll need to fill it in with content (text, photos, videos, etc.).


In my opinion, there are quite enough free WordPress themes to settle on for any blog topic. 

If you don’t desire rummaging through thousands of themes, you’ll easily start things off with either Twenty Twenty or Twenty Twelve themes. Both free themes are presented by and are fashionable creators. 

Remember, you’ll always pick a special theme later as you continue setting your blog. All of the content pages and unique content that you simply create are going to be transferred automatically to a replacement theme layout. 

If the present stash of free themes doesn’t satisfy your particular desire, you’ll check the available premium themes. These themes are usually designed by third party companies and sold on different WordPress theme sites. The worth range for single-use licenses ranges from $30 to $500, counting on which premium theme you select .

Grab Generatepress Premium theme


Blog theme customization

Remember, your WordPress dashboard is at the rear location where you’ll manage your new blog. It provides you with fast access to all or any of the tools you would like to feature content and fine-tune your blog functionality for the last word user experience. 

Your initiative towards mastering WordPress is learning the dashboard.

WordPress has unlimited customization options so it’s impossible to hide everything during this “How to start out a blog” guide. Instead, I’ll cover the primary most vital changes you ought to apply to your blog. For this instance , I’ll be using the Twenty Twenty theme.


Inside your Bluehost account, you’ll find the “Make your logo” tool. If you didn’t roll in the hay yet while launching your blog, now’s the time to urge it done. 

Once you click the checkbox, you’ll be taken to an AI-powered logo maker. It’s a simple to use tool that you simply can use to make a gorgeous logo for your blog in seconds. Start by entering a reputation and slogan (if you’ve got one), the tool will automatically generate differing types of logos.

Select one logo you wish the foremost , click thereon , and further customize it consistent with your taste.

When you are through with your logo design, click the Download button and a replacement page will show up together with your logo files able to be saved to your computer.

Customize your blog

Now, let me show you where you’ll do general customizations of your blog. That includes: uploading the brand you only created (or will create within the future), editing the blog title and tagline, changing colors, uploading the background image, and making homepage settings changes.

Each WordPress theme will customize a touch differently. In my case, I’ll show you the customize options for the Twenty Twenty theme.


THE SITE IDENTITY –   here you can upload your logo , also you can change site title and also the tagline and at last upload site icon  

COLORS– with the help of the colors you can change the  colors like the background color , header and also the footer and primary color 

THEME OPTIONS  – Select if you would like to point out an enquiry icon within the header of your blog and show an author bio for your posts. 

COVER TEMPLATE – Make additional changes to the page template like the overlay background color, overlay text color, and overlay opacity. 

BACKGROUND IMAGE – Upload any custom background image you would like to start out using on your blog.

MENUS– Customize your blog’s menu, social media menu links, and alter locations where they’re displayed.

WIDGETS– Customize your footer content, add description and the way to seek out you if you’ve got a physical location. 

HOMEPAGE SETTINGS  –  It is often the newest blog posts or a static page. 

ADDITIONAL CSS  – Add your own CSS code to customize the looks and layout of your site (advanced option). 

You can also check how your blog looks on different devices by using the menu at rock bottom with three icons: desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Many themes (e.g. the Twenty Twenty theme) accompany the new Gutenberg editor that revolutionizes the way users build pages and write posts inside WordPress.

Gutenberg may be a visual editor that works on a blocks principle. So, once you plan to add a replacement paragraph, heading, image, video, or anything , there are blocks you’ll quickly increase new pages or blog posts.

This way, creating blog content is far easier for beginners, whether you’re building a landing page or writing a replacement article. 

Blocks are often rearranged into a layout you wish , and they’re here to form your life easier.


Plugins are bundled pieces of code which affect the way your site looks and functions. they will add new functionality to your WordPress blog, extend your theme’s capabilities, and personalize a blog as an entire or partially .

While the bulk of plugins are free, there are many who are offered for a fee, supporting their unique functionality. At the moment , has quite 57,000 different plugins within the repository. 

By default, once you found your blog, Bluehost will automatically add some plugins they think are important for any website. you’ll review these plugins inside the WordPress dashboard and add new ones by clicking the Plugins tab on the left-hand side.

Here you’ll install new plugins, deactivate, delete, and update them.

Below, I’ll show you some suggested plugins that you simply should be using.


For saving the time and also easily work you can use the plugin 

MONSTERINSIGHTS– Google Analytics plugin for WordPress, to watch and analyze your website traffic.

YOAST SEO – A comprehensive SEO plugin for your blog, to optimize your content for search engines

WP SUPER CACHE – with the help of this plugin you will clear your blog cache and your blog will work very fast . 

AKISMET  – Protects your comments and gets in touch with form from spam and prevents your site from publishing malicious content.

DISQUS  – an alternate to the essential WordPress comment system with advanced administrative and comment capabilities.

YARPP – Creates a related blog posts list at the top of every piece of content automatically to encourage people to continue browsing your site.

Add two key blogging plugins to seek out your readers and track stats

As you know that plugin is the third party tools why which we get help and the work do simply 


In the final setup step you’ll install two plugins which will improve your blog’s features.

  •  In your WordPress Dashboard attend Plugins > Add New.
  • look for Yoast SEO. Click Install Now followed by Activate.
  • Click the Add New button to feature another plugin.
  •  look for MonsterInsights and click on Install Now followed by Activate.
  • Click the Launch the Wizard! button to configure MonsterInsights.

Click here to leap to the subsequent step.

It’s best to stay your number of blog plugins to a minimum and install only the simplest ones, because too many plugins—as well as unreliable plugins—can hamper your site. 


Yoast SEO is the de facto standard SEO plugin for WordPress. For details and everything you’d ever want to understand about WordPress SEO read Yoast’s Definitive SEO Guide.

Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights allows you to trace your blog’s traffic easily and with many interesting data: overall traffic, traffic sources, views per author & category, automatic tracking of outbound clicks and pageviews.

In your WordPress dashboard attend Plugins > Add New.

Search for Yoast SEO.

Next look for MonsterInsights.

Then click Install Now followed by Activate.

Next click Launch the Wizard! and follow the steps to finish the MonsterInsights setup


Congratulations! You started a blog, and now it’s time to start out blogging. This is often where the fun begins.

Now that you simply have your own blog, you get to form it yours; you get to show your vision into a reality.

CONTENT . Start writing and publishing the content for your basic pages: create an About Page, Contact Page, Start Here Page, and the other page you would like within the header of your new blog.

PHOTO . Add a photograph of yourself (pro tip: you’ll start with a well-lit selfie, but once you get an opportunity , get some professional photos taken; they’re well well worth the cost because people identify with people quite they identify with logos).

LOGO . Create a basic logo employing a program like InDesign, Photoshop, or a text editor (note: albeit we’ve no design skills, we were ready to use Apple’s Pages application to make our simple logo after downloading some free vector art and selecting the typeface that best suited our aesthetic). Otherwise you can hire someone like 99designs or SPYR to style a knowledgeable logo.

IMAGES. boost your blog posts with high-quality stock photos and images: Paul Jarvis (free), Unsplash (free), Library of Congress (free), iStock (fee-based), Shutterstock (fee-based).

COMMENTS . Determine whether or not you would like comments on your blog; they’re often a useful thanks to receive feedback and directly engage together with your readers.

PUBLISH . Start writing new blog posts. Publish a minimum of once every week , especially when first starting a blog, so you’ll build an audience. Below you’ll also find 20 blogging tips to enhance your writing within the the way to Blog section, also as 15 reasons you ought to start a blog and three reasons to not start a blog.

We hope you’ve got a lot of fun expressing yourself on your new blog. We’re certain it’ll be an enormous growth experience for you during the approaching months. you’ve now officially become a blogger. Wherever you’re going, confirm you enjoy the journey ahead.


Now all think are set , means that you create the perfect site structured and also you customized it to your liking and you are also publishing the daily basis content that are all good at last all think in the blog is perfect and great

But the question comes at last how you will earn with the help of the blogging 1

So let me clear this problem there are so many ways to make money online or we say make money with blogging and however there is no such thing as getting rich quick . 

So we safe for that people who say that you will make the money and get rich in the one month they are all fake the real one tell only the process to make money online or through the blogging 

Lets starts

  1. GOOGLE ADSENSE :  so many for the people are lesion about this ways , over many of the people or we say that the blogger are making the money with the help of the google ads , now what is google ads , so many time you see the website where some ads are come in the middle for the post or footer or upper . so when the user comes to the website where the google ads are and the user clicks on the user . users get redirected to the other website or page and the owner of the website gets the money . so we say that google adsense works like the middle and also this allows you to get the best rate possible for the ads . 
  2. AFFILIATE MARKETING : affiliate marketing is the second way to make money with blogging , so what is affiliate marketing? so selling your product to the user and you get the commission of it . we say that you recommend your favorite products / services to your readers or users when they make the purchase you get the referral commission .
  1. ONLINE STORE : as you all know there are many bloggers who want to make their business as an online business . so they sell the direct from their blog this could be the physical product , or also the digital product like course , music and so many others also . There are many bloggers that recommend using woocommerce because it is the best ecommerce plugin for WordPress . you came to make the blogs types like the blogs specifically for the reviews , fashion , food blogging and so many other same each of these blog types bring you more and more visitors and make opportunities to make money with blogging . 


While , now you learn how to create blog content and also how to get it discovered by search engines . From up to the content you now complete information about how to start a blog and also the advantages and disadvantages of blogging and much more information about the blog.

But as you know , it is important to understand that you can write the most compelling copy in the world and also design the blog fully or design the interface that would sell the people their own shoes .

As you will write only content and know one is reading your blog , so all the work is like a waste so that’s why you need to know first how to promote your blog post . 

You know all that without promoting the content or we say the marketing and also promotion happen every time you engage with your current and also future readers . you know that the success of the blog . depends also on the promotion of the blog because it depends on your ability to engage in your chosen niche . 

Let’s look more and more closely at the variety of the promotion and also the marketing activities that you can apply to become an authority online and also a successful blogger when you or we say that once you start a blog . 


While sharing the blog post to your friends or we say that get started by informing everyone you know about your new endeavor . so you should include your site name and also the url in the all your email signature , they list it on all your social media profiles and also use every opportunity to get the word out about your new undertaking . 


Only writing the blog is not fully complete process but while writing the blog post you want to index on the google why which user on the google and other search engines can see you post so submit the blog in the search engines is an more important and also the useful task .and there are the few things you can do here . so you submit your blog sitemap to Google or also ask Google to crawl pages on your blog . 


Let me clear you what is the meaning of social bookmarking because you are new in the blogging field so bookmarking refers to the type of the sites that can offer your content to the lot of the potential viewers who are searching for that content within your niche . This process is more important whenever or we say every time you publish a new blog post to spread the word. Some of the examples of the socialmarking or social bookmarking  sites are scoop it , reddit , etc.


Always remember to be active in your niche . or we say that get the updates on the relevant blogs , forums and also the social pages . because as you know that the blogger communities are the goodway to be connected with the other same niche blogger and engage , or we say build the relationship make him and her friends and also help each other in spreading the content . the commenting on other way relevant blogs is the great way to build the relationships with the top of the blogger in your niche by which you get the help and idea of that niche . 


If your business is unique and also you should make use of the social media avenues that best fit your own niche and also the style . so choose the best of the ones that best fit your needs and also become an expert at leveraging them to help reach your goals . There are so many of the social media sites so I will tell you the most popular social media networks that  the bloggers use on a daily basis are facebook , instagram and also pinterest . 


Now what is guest blogging , take the best relationship a step further and also offer to write the guest blog posts for the other websites . but remember that the sites in which you publish the content work goes on the reputable sites and also that the content is directly related to your niche . you know that with the help of the  guest posting you get so many other advantages . or guest posting is an excellent way to build an online presence . 


As you know that after making the blog you will attract or meet so many other unknown people or we say that new reader and visitors . and it is the perfect idea to collect the email addresses of those who want to be notified of the new blog posts you are publishing or also offers you have . and if people come to know and also trust you they will respond better to your promotional efforts . 

FAQ On  (How To Start A Blog )

Is it still possible to make money from a blog today?

Yeah… definitely it’s possible to start your blog today and earn from it, but.. growing your blog overnight is not quick or easy.

For this you need to have a pasense first, it may take a year to grow, but the result will be fruitful.

Which platform is best for blogging?

There are two major popular platforms: blogger and wordpress.

Both are good, for blogger comes with little bit limitations which is not good for blogging.. you may go with WordPress (self hosted platform).

What Is The Best Theme For Blog?

For creating your blog beautifully, there are many popular themes on the internet.

But there is a theme called generatepress Premium that has fantastic features and page speed inside it..

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