Ping submission sites List for fast indexing in 2020

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Having problems in indexing your Article, Pages, or Backlinks
Don't worry!
In this article, I will give you the Best 21 Ping submission site list, which helps you index your article or backlinks in a Quicktime.

In this article I will give you the best 21 ping submission sites, All are easy and safe to use the site, and I tested all. These sites will help you to get your URLs indexed ultra-fast within 24 hours quickly. The list of all the sites is given below.

"Do You Know''

Google and other search engines never index 80% Backlinks on the internet.

Benefits of Using ping Submission SEO

  • Ultra-Fast Indexing your new site, new article, or new Backlinks on search engines.
  • Increasing ranking in SERP (Search engine result page)by getting faster indexing.
  • Increase visibility in Search engines due to an increase in SERP's Rankings.
  • Increase organic traffic due to higher SERP results.

By using this Ping submission sites, your content and Backlinks are indexed quickly and help in ranking fast on google.If the search engine cannot index any content or backlinks, then the ping sites help it identify them.

It is the easiest method of indexing site, blog, and Backlinks on search engines, But you have to use this site properly. If you put the wrong URL of your blog or keyword, your website will not be indexed correctly.

NOTE-If you are facing a problem in making backlinks, then you can follow the Web2.0 technique.

How to use Ping Submission Sites

  • 1st visit any of the High DA and less spam score ping submission sites listed in the Free Ping Submission Sites List
  • Enter your name, email id and other description on the site and create your account
  • Then Input the name of your website and exact URL which you wish to get indexed by search engines and directories
  • Fill all the details in the form correctly.
  • Now, click on the ping button then you will see a confirmation message after a few seconds


Pingler is one of the best tools for pinging your site to different search engines. It will help in ranking your post for the targeted keyword.

  1. Open, input your blog name
  2. your website and exact URL which you wish to get indexed
  3. Mark all the Common service options
  4. Click on the Send Pings button, and you see a confirmation message



Pingler is one of the best tools for pinging your site to different search engines. It will help in ranking your post for the targeted keyword. It is easy to use you don't have to create an account on it.

  1. Open put your targeted keyword or title.
  2. Then put your Exact URL and select category of your website.
  3. Click on the ping button, and then you are done.



Pingfarm is easy to use, and users can ping multiple URLs at a time by the help of the site. It is pinging multiple URL index to all search engine., you don't need to create an account on it.Here you can submit your latest post according to targeted keywords.

  1. Go to then put the URL of your site or backlink.
  2. You can Ping multiple URLs by inputting one by one after filling all URL correctly, click on the Mass ping button, and finally ping your URL to all major search engines.

21+Free Submission Sites List For 2020

How to Get a New Website Indexed Ultra Fast in 24 Hours

  • Create a sitemap using Google Sitemaps plugin or Yoast SEO plugin
  • verify your Website in Google Webmaster
  • Submit your sitemap in Google Webmaster Search Console
  • Set up your site's RSS Feed using Feedburner (which is Google's own RSS publishing tool)
  • Add your website's URL to all your social profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Bookmark your website visibility in Social Bookmark sites like Tumblr and Dribble.
  • Submit your new website to Free Directories Submission Sites like Freeadstime and Entireweb
  • Submit Blog post URLs in Dofollow Instant approval commenting sites

  • FAQ’s related To Ping Submission Sites

    Is the Ping website still useful for SEO?

    Ping websites help you index your backlinks in all the search engines and boost your site visibility and ranking in SERP.

    What is Ping submission in SEO?

    Ping Submission sites help you in faster indexing your blog post, pages, and Backlinks to the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo in 24 hours. So, Ping Sites allow you to put your URL and tell the search engines to crawl and index it.


    I hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful!

    So, guys, I think I clear all your problems related to what is ping submission site? How to use it and the benefit of it, and also, I give you 21 ping submission sites that index your site and backlinks in fasted time under 24 hours.

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