Hello, my dear friends!

My name is Amit, founder of BloggingCluster.com. I am a full-time blogger, SEO Expert, and affiliate marketer I feel fantastic to help others so that I started this blog to help people.

 As for personal interests, I love to read self-help books, Bike Riding and Travelling, If I’m not blogging,

I am very much addicted to the Internet and spend much time searching for new ideas about making money from the Internet. Once I was watching videos on YouTube, then I came to know that money can also be earned from blogging. So after some time, I decided to start a blog, and my blogging journey started then.

Amit Rout founder of blggingcluster.com

About My Journey

It was 2017 when I was in 12th I started my first free blog in Blogspot. I spent about three months on it, Unfortunately, being failed due to lack of knowledge about blogging and SEO, 

Then I started investing in many SEO Courses and begun learning from many strategies and secret about blogging and SEO, Then I started many successful blogs in wordpress.

Right now I am running 4+ successful blogs, and now I began BloggingCluster to help others to succeed in blogging.

About Blogging Cluster

I know where most of the beginner’s struggler. So I will be the guide that will help to take out of the blogging problems.

Blogging cluster is a free online resource where you can learn and gain knowledge about Blogging, WordPress, and Many Secret of SEO. 

My main objective behind starting this blog is to simplify blogging. I am familiar with the challenges that every newbie blogger has to face during the initial days.

In short, I love Blogging.and sharing knowledge, and that’s why Blogging Cluster is my dream blog, and i shared quality things here,which helps you


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