Thrive Themes vs OptimizePress: which worth money?


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OptimizePress is a complete WordPress tools suite that helps you create pages & funnels that grow your list and make more sales.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

TypeThrive ThemesOptimizePress
Conversion Focused
PriceStarting $19/MoStaring $17/Mo
ProductThrive Theme Builder
Thrive Architect
Thrive Leads
Thrive Quiz Builder
Thrive Apprentice
Thrive Comments
Thrive Ultimatum
Thrive Ovation
Thrive Optimize
Features250+ Templates
Integrations and APIs
drag & drop editing
30 days money-back guarantee
250+ Templates
Checkout Pages
Upsells & Downsells
Stats & Split Testing

thrive themes and optimizepress both are great competitors that works great to multiply your earnings, but choosing one from them are quite hard.

today we are going to compare these two competitors, it’s because I used both on my blog, that’s why I am the right person to explain all the aspect according to my experience.

thrive themes provide several marketing tools at the price, optimizepress has various marketing template advance lead generation and funnels building process, payment receiving features and integrations.

so, let’s look at their more stuff to decide, make sure to read the post till the end, or use a table of content to navigate more content faster.

Thrive Themes: Overview

Thrive Themes Vs OptimizePress

thrive themes is a conversion-focused wordpress suite of themes and plugins to take your marketing strategies and conversation rate to the next level.

thrive themes are getting popular since it launched in 2013, it is only made for online marketers but thrive architect will beneficial for anyone.

thrive themes has 16+ Conversion Focused product & 113,812 Happy customer family, and the major parts are they are still continually renewable the subscriptions and stay connected with thrive themes.

as thrive themes is wordpress suite, so they have 16+ product for marketing purpose which comes under thrive suite, can not purchase the separate product.

you can easily create a professional landing page, create an attractive homepage, lead generation tools, opt-in page, A/B split testing, ability to create the course in WordPress, quiz building survey and much more stuff thrive suite product allows to do so, which is essential for marketing.

here is thrive themes product that might benifiacal for you..

  • Thrive Theme Builder
  • Thrive Architect
  • Thrive Leads
  • Thrive Quiz Builder
  • Thrive Apprentice
  • Thrive Comments
  • Thrive Ultimatum
  • Thrive Ovation
  • Thrive Optimize

optimizepress: overview

OptimizePress is a complete WordPress tools suite that helps you create pages & funnels that grow your list and make more sales.

along with creating funnels and landing page its has more than 250+ premade template, deliver an online course, ebooks, digital downloads and more.

and the ability to integrate to favourite email marketing tools to store leads there safely, it saves you lots of money with you invest in separate purpose tools.

you will get timely software update for more changes and features, it creates checkout pages for you, which is really big deal or take care of upsells and downsells.

even you can create local bussisness homepage easily.

thrive themes Vs optimizepress: pros & cons

let’s look at the features which we are getting, and cons as well which is negative points for both, these major things will help you to decide perfectly decide one.

thrive themes pros & cons


  • Conversion Focused WordPress Themes & Plugins.
  • Affordable For Anyone.
  • Regular Update and Plugins.
  • All Marketing Tools In a Single Place.
  • Great Page Builder Usable For Every Niche.


  • Thrive Suite Is Worth For Every Niche.
  • Some Plugins Features Are Limited To Their Competitors.
  • Thrive Product Damages Some Page Speed.

optimizepress pros & cons



  • There Are No Free Trails
  • limited Customer Support

thrive themes vs optimizePress: features comparison

Features are main & play a great role while choosing one between them, let’s look at both of the features and decide one, which is more useful here.

thrive themes product & their features

As thrive themes has a suite, which means it has a collection of themes and plugins for WordPress, let me introduce it and show its features.

Thrive Architect

Get optimizepress Suite🔥

thrive architect is a wordpress page builder, furthermore, it can create a landing page & professional local business homepage as well.

In terms of thrive architect things are so simple, with its drag and drop editing we can create any stuff easily and responsive without any issues major issues, but page speed might be slower than ever.

with fast and visual ediitor, its has also 250+ templates for creating landing pages & custom homepage.;

while adding any widget to your pages you can flexibly adjust and makes stuff easy, create attention text and images.

furthermore, without thrive leads, you can create conversion-focused wordpress lead generation directly in wordpress.

thrive leads

thrive suite is an all one marketing solution, so it has a lead generation facility as well, no need to purchase additional tools for lead generation thrive leads converts well.

John Lee Dumas (Entrepreneur on Fire) said he got a 238% increase in conversions when he switched to Thrive Leads.

thrive leads

if you wish to see an increasement in your email list and conversion, then make sure to try thrive leads.

it has 10+ pre-built email opt-in elements, you can design any types of email forms, for deciding better to convert the landing page between A/B, it also has A/B split testing engine.

it can expert your reports and insights and everythings, which you need in terms of lead generating.

Thrive Theme Builder

thrive theme builder, is a wordpress theme & website builder, it is eligible to create any types of conversion-focused wordpress site.

it is the most flexible theme builder, and let you create a fully visual site, without having any technical and developer skills, it takes responsiveness as well.

for creating great looks and make things so easy thrive theme builder has 100’s elements and site-building design which create anything for you.

Thrive Quiz Builder

thrive quiz builder is interesting tools in the suite of thrive themes, it uses to sell product & generate leads in such an interesting way, that does not look any things spam.

with the help of thrive quiz builder, you can first discover what visitors are interested in? that’s after you can put ads or product in front of them to get better conversion.

you can also A/B Test at Critical Stages to Increase Quiz Conversion, it has 4 quiz type to use, and powerful analytics to know more about visitors desire.

it has 4 quiz template to save a lot of time, and custom quiz editing available as well. take care of mobile and desktop friendly.

Thrive Apprentice

most of the marketers use to creates online courses to generate high commission, here thrive apprentice will help to create courses directly in your wordpress dashboard.

not anymore a need to invest a big amount in third party tools thrive apprentice is more than enough for this, no matter which themes you are using currently to your blog, it is comforble in any theme.

they have beautiful login and registration flows for customers helps to generate leads, sell more product, and provide great navigation for exploring courses lessons.

thrive comment

thrive comment is not anymore useful, but let’s know its features, let’s see how, it can convert comment into conversion

thrive comment help to create fun & interest while commenting, and helps to acquire engagement of customers, it increases social shares and much more thing in the comments.

here are features thrive comment provide.

  • more comment and less work
  • Conversion Focused Comments 
  • Oops-Proof Workflow
  • Up-Vote & Down-Vot
  • Display Featured Comments
  • Comment Boosting Design
  • Social Sharing
  • Auto Generate Visitor Information

Thrive Ovation

creating a landing page is incomplete for conversion, it’s because customers purchase only results, and adding testimonials to the landing page is great strategies to sell product professionally, and increase conversion.

thrive ovation is a great tool for this, it creates conversion-friendly testimonials to landing pages. you can collect testimonials on autopilot as well.

it was the thrive product and its features, which worth the every single peeny which you invest inside it.

optimizepres features review

actually, there are no competitions among thrive themes & optimizepress, both are different aspect, thrive themes all about marketing tools, optimizepress is page builder and funnels builder.

lets see, which are more profitable and worth more money, in terms of features.

The Pages You Will able To Create With Optimizepress

  • Webinar pages
  • Landing pages
  • Thank you pages
  • Launch pages
  • Sales pages
  • Collections
  • My templates

as optimizepress has over 250+ templates, let’s explore, how they are useful for us & how many templates is there in there in the suite of optimize press.

Here Are The Some Templates Categoey For Different Purpose

  • Ebook lead Magnet Templates
  • Free Chapter Templates
  • Simple opt-in form Templates
  • Personal Branding homepages
  • Event Promotion Templates
  • Free Shipping offer Templates
  • Mini-Course opt-in Templates
  • and Much More

it was the difference between and thrive themes and optimizepress, now its depend upon you, according to your requirement you can choose one and proceed.

Price Comparison: thrive themes vs optimizepress

thrive themes pricing

before purchasing any of them, price matters price decides the product value and create curiosity to choose one between them.

in the case of pricing, there is a small bit of distance of amount, but the things matter is product quality and features.

thrive themes pricing

thrive has two pring plans for different purpoes

  • YEARLY ( Costs $19/Mo )
  • QUARTERLY ( Costs $30/Mo )

if you are new to marketing business and grabbing thrive suite, then don’t ever go with quarterly first, yearly is more than enough for you.

optimizepress pricing

as I told, there is nothing much difference in pricing in both suites, optimizepress also has yearly & QUARTERLY pricing plans.

  • YEARLY ( Costs $17/Mo )
  • QUARTERLY ( Costs $30/Mo )

optimizepress costs $17/Mo for yearly plans & $30 for quarterly.

from $17/Mo you will be eligible to use the licence key to your 20 personal websites, in quarterly things are the same 20 personal websites also allowed there.

Support And Help: thrive themes Vs optimizepress

in this case, both works great and they have their own help centre, and both of team are doing to their best to solve to all the question, as soon as possible.

thrive themes takes approx 20 hours to solve your queries, and optimizepress also take them around 24 hours to solve and get an answer by developers.

thrive themes vs optimizepress: which worth the money?

it depends upon you, by utilizing the features of both tools, and according to your requirement and budget decide one, which you think will more beneficial for you.

but, I think thrive themes are more beneficial and worth your money 2x, as it has lots of all in one marketing solution in one single suite.

The price of both tools are almost the same, so let’s drop it, but in the case of thrive themes, it will save you lots of money while marketing.

you don’t need to invest your heavy amount in additional or third-party tools, thus thrive themes is more beneficial for you, I think

Does thrive architect work with any theme?

Yes, as thrive themes claims thrive architect is responsible for almost every theme you use with thrive architect.

What is OptimizePress used for?

Optimizepress is used for creating professional conversion-focused landing page and funnels building to increase more conversions.

is optimizepress is free

no, there is not free, you have to purchase its premium plans, thrive themes claims you also don’t have any free trails.

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